Film Review: Peterloo

Peterloo recounts the awful slaughter of peaceful protesters one afternoon in Manchester on St Peter’s Field


The latest period offering from Mike Leigh is a mixed bag, but still packs a punch when it counts and makes an important contribution to British working class history on film.

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Film Review: It Happened Here

Brownlow and Mollo’s alternative vision of Nazi-led Britain in the 1940s resonates powerfully today.


It Happened Here, the chilling 1964, ‘What if’ film, eight years in the making by Kevin Brownlow and Kevin Mollo, is the powerful and controversial story of life in Nazi-occupied Britain, should the German Army have successfully invaded in 1940.


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Film Review: Belle De Jour

Revisiting the infamous erotic classic of 1960’s Cinema, turns out to be a touching and humane experience


Park Circus have produced another beautiful 4k restoration of a French favourite, with Luis Buñuel’s Belle De Jour. The film stars Catherine Deneuve as Séverine, the housewife whose frigidity conceals her need for a much more confident and dominant lover. Continue reading “Film Review: Belle De Jour”